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Where is Yogesh Gupta Rohtak ‘s Blogspot blog?

23 Nov

To my all dear Friends & Loyal Readers,

I got a news that some of the users of my blog(s) is finding regularly my blog with my name on internet. This shows their love toward me and I would like to convey my thanks to them for this relationship which I got in short span of time.

Internet is a NET, if you not update regularly then your all old relevant posts will stuck in this net.  My finals exams are at my door step and due to my hectic schedule it is not possible to update daily.  This is the reason I transferred my old blog (YogeshGuptaRohtak.blogspot.com), to survive my old posts and help to other students.

I will join you back with my new notes and material, now need to your good wishes so that I can add prefix CA with my name.

If any one want to contact me then you may contact me at my different social channels, I will reply you ASAP.


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